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Specificity to sport is essential to Triathlon strength training

With a little imagination, the movements specific to triathlon can be mimicked in the gym. 

This is called Strength Training Specificity. 

intensity- is constantly changing when you race 

Intensity is not just about how much weight you can lift, but about placing the right amount of resistance in the right place during the right movement 

Examples for Strength Training 

SWIM:   Shoulder Press -Angled Raise Inclined- Superman -Cable Lateral Cross

BIKE:    Back Extension -Dumbbell Handle Pushup- Single Leg Squat -Walking Lunge 

RUN: Hammer Curl -Upright Row -Standing Leg Curl -Medicine Ball Pike 


3 Sets/ 15 Reps (30 second rest between)

Complete Each set before moving onto the next exercise

1. Lying Single Leg Curl

2. Hammer Curl 

3. Split Squat 

4. Runners Raise 

5. Lateral Raise 

6. Tubing Row

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